More FREEZE cover.

Another FREEZE cover while filming.  This was a first trip to Bella Coola, BC Canada.  Recall first day filming there.  Deep powder, bluebird sky, what a trip.  It’s always exciting exploring new locations.  In later years returning and stepping it up each time getting more comfortable in this remote location.  Still today its one of those places that never became over run by skiers due to it being one heli operation in the best of the terrain.

The Ski Journal Cover


The Ski Journal know as the coffee table ski magazine graced me with a cover.  This picture came from a filming trip in Northern Norway.  The first of 2 trips we had done there for filming.  This was one of our first shots of the trip.  We had a new guide on our team from Chamonix.  He and I were sitting above this cliff for 45-60 minutes waiting for a weather window to open to get the shot.  Has asked where I was going and what I was going to do.  Told him, make a turn or 2 and then back flip off that cliff over those rocks below.  He told me it was impossible, obviously he had never seen the films I was in at that time.  Needless to say after that he didn’t ask what I was going to do.

Also you can see the name T.R. Youngstrom on this cover, I had a brief moment with him in Portillo, Chile where we both were in a Helicopter crash together, unfortunately he did not survive the crash and passed away on the mountain that day along with the Pilot.


Freeze Cover

This came from a British Columbia film trip.  My first avalanche to take a ride in.  At the time, thought I could straight line out of an avalanche which I tried at this captured momment.  Ended up going off a small cliff and losing control as well as a ski, yet was out of the way of debris that came down.

Skiing Magazine Cover

Skiing Magazine once in the normal line up of magazines on the rack, absorbed by Ski Magazine a few years ago.  First time in Bella Coola, British Columbia for me and the crew, here skiing a run aptly named “The Morrison Hotel” by our guide “The Swede”, he would present a list of locations each fall for filming in British Columbia and we worked our way up the BC coast filming over the years, till these new locations were exhausted and are now common place to some.

Solo Nieve Cover

Spanish magazine, back in Snowbird, Utah, starting on the road for a big chunk of the winter.  February to mid April in BC, Canada.  Would usually stop at one resort on the way, most other times it was Jackson and Grand Targhee. 

Skieur Magazine Cover

This was shot in Snowbird, Utah end of November on a sponsor photo shoot.  Shortly after taking the photo I was skiing down and hit a rock or stump under the early season snow and broke my left ankle. This was the end of the season for me, first time ever being injured.  Tough mental times ahead for the winter.  Returning to ski in late March, but not in any sort of form or mental state for what usually would be exciting months of the end of the season.

Ski Francais Cover

Same image as first issue cover of Freeze, just a bit cropped.  Doesn’t appear that this magazine company exists anymore.  This was taken during a film shoot in St. Anton, Austria.

First cover on SKIEUR Magazine.

At this time I had no idea about Skieur Magazine, a French magazine later more showcasing Freeride.  This shot came from an Oakley organized trip to Whistler, a first time trip to Canada for me.  The idea was to do a ski camping trip, but this never happened due to the weather.  Instead we skied Whistler/Blackcomb, we being Trevor Petersen, Eric Pehota, and photographer Scott Markewitz.  Dream trip. 

From filming “Performers Now”

At the time, European magazines kept publishing me on covers, they really embraced Freeride.  While filming for “Performers Now”, this trip was in the spring traveling west from Jackson Hole to Mammoth, with stops in Snowbird and Sun Valley along the way.  Interesting trip and times.