Early Cover From 1997

This was an early international cover for me.  At the time there was not much happening for me when this photo was taken (no sponsor support)  Taken on Loveland Pass early November.  Had just moved to Jackson, WY for the season and quickly found myself back in CO for some shooting.  At the time I didn’t realize how much later the resorts opened up in the Jackson area compared to CO, more Thanksgiving holiday.  This day and the following day ended up hiking a few spots on the pass and getting a few international covers.  Doing tricks and having the colored hair gave some excitement for these magazines.  Here doing a 360 of a natural feature, this is a Swedish Ski magazine.  New School as they called it at the time before Freeskiing became the industry term.  More from this few day shoot to come.

Second Cover on FREEZE

At this point in time there were only 2 companies supporting what I was doing in skiing. Although you can’t see any logo’s.  This pic was from some backcountry skiing terrain near where I live today, using alpine bindings and backcountry trekkers.  The BC enthusiasts were always making fun of my setup, yet I was on the widest waist out there at 90mm.  Today I’m on a completely different setup but have the same approach.  Third season at home without a local season pass.  We would hike for pure powder runs like this cover early in the season since the resort took time to get the snow to open similar terrain.  Today this zone sees a few dozen skiers a day, while the resort nearby is waiting in long lines daily.  Yet there are still places that stay wild near by.