The Ski Journal Cover


The Ski Journal know as the coffee table ski magazine graced me with a cover.  This picture came from a filming trip in Northern Norway.  The first of 2 trips we had done there for filming.  This was one of our first shots of the trip.  We had a new guide on our team from Chamonix.  He and I were sitting above this cliff for 45-60 minutes waiting for a weather window to open to get the shot.  Has asked where I was going and what I was going to do.  Told him, make a turn or 2 and then back flip off that cliff over those rocks below.  He told me it was impossible, obviously he had never seen the films I was in at that time.  Needless to say after that he didn’t ask what I was going to do.

Also you can see the name T.R. Youngstrom on this cover, I had a brief moment with him in Portillo, Chile where we both were in a Helicopter crash together, unfortunately he did not survive the crash and passed away on the mountain that day along with the Pilot.