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Why Work With y Travel?

Want To Give Your Brand Instant Access To A Highly Engaged Online Audience of International Travelers?

Would you like to leverage the credibility and respected voice of a key social media influencer within the travel community?

As one of the world’s top travel blogs, there are many skills and services we can offer to brands, destinations, and individuals looking to increase their brand or blog’s exposure!

y Travel is an online multimedia platform providing authentic travel stories, tips and resources to help readers unplug from the chaos, travel more and create better memories.

We market your destination in a personable and relatable way that suits our readers interests and travel style, yet aligns with your key messages and objectives.

Our authority and trust goes beyond a limited time frame or short term objectives empowering travelers to visit your destination for years to come.

With y Travel you get so much more than a pretty picture, you get a lifestyle, a passion. commitment and unrivalled expertise.

Travel has been a lifestyle for us since 1997. We’ve experienced solo travel, couples travel, and now family travel. Our readers stay with us as their life evolves as they know we can continue to inspire them and give them the information they need.

I discovered your blog when we were planning a trip to Hawaii last year & found it so refreshing to hear things from the perspective of other Aussies travelling with kids.

Earlier this year we started thinking of a trip up to Cairns for July 2020  so I immediately went looking through your blog for anything on Far North Queensland & the posts I found changed our whole plans to have a longer trip & include a stay in Cape Tribulation & go zip lining & even which reef tour to book in Cairns.

I love the honesty, the attention to detail & the focus on how it works with a family in your blog!

Reader feedback

Our blog is focused on providing information on:

  • Destination Pieces
  • Travel Tips
  • Family Travel
  • Digital Lifestyle

What our clients will tell you about working with us

  • We are professional enthusiastic communicative, friendly, and easy to work with.
  • We create authentic and compelling stories that engage our audience and have a high level of trust, due to our expertise and passion.
  • We offer practical and personal insights while positioning your business, brand, or destination with a unique and reflective global perspective. 
  • Because of our extremely strong knowledge of SEO your content continues to rank high in Google, offering long-term return of investment when most influencer partnerships have stopped producing.

Bottom line: In a world where the world influencer partnerships have stopped delivering results, we are known for delivering consistent and long-term ROI finite results and exposure.

Companies we’ve worked with

We’ve partnered with many of the top travel brands and destinations including:

work with ytravel blog
work with travel blogger
San Francisco union heart

  • 178,513 Monthly Page Views (Google Analytics) (pre-pandemic was 768,900
  • 158, 432 Monthly Unique Visitors (Google Analytics)
  • 15,000+ E-Newsletter Subscribers (open rate 24% sent weekly)
  • 58k Facebook Likes
  • 4.1 Million Pinterest Followers
  • 42.9k Instagram Followers
  • 51.6k Twitter Followers
  • 5,975 YouTube Subscribers

Who do we reach?

Independent travelers, family travelers, gap year students, empty nesters, working holidaymakers, long-term travelers, and other travel bloggers.

Our readers are passionate and interested in:

  • International and domestic travel
  • Family travel
  • Travel planning
  • Travel gear
  • Budget travel
  • Independent travel
  • Adventure and activities
  • Working holidays

More About Us

What We Offer

Our goal is to create win-win-win relationships – for the brand, us, and our readers!

Brand Ambassadors

Want to leverage your credibility and influence and form a long-term relationship with one of the most trusted, established, and well-loved travel bloggers in the world?

We’ve had long-term relationships with companies such as Allianz, Ford, Canon, and Garnier and seek to partner with brands that reflect our values, our passion for travel, and brands that can make our reader’s lives richer.

What others have said:

This was the first integrated campaign that Qantas had proactively engaged with bloggers. Craig and Caz were a fantastic example of how this strategy and approach can deliver impressive results for an iconic brand. They have been fantastic advocates of the Qantas brand and that is something we are extremely grateful to them for. We hope to continue a close relationship with them in the future.

Rachel Butler, Qantas Airways

Destination Marketing Campaigns

Need experienced content creators to get the word out about your destination, event, product or service?

Our blog posts, live social media updates, and YouTube videos contain high-quality photos of our authentic travel experience backed up with useful tips that your visitors need to take action.

We experience what your destination has to offer in a way that suits our interests, your needs, and our reader’s interests and can market your destination for you in a personal and relatable way.

When working with us we can operate as family travelers, a couple, or solo. We are flexible and can cater to your story angles or help you craft a unique campaign.

What others have said:

 “There are plenty of content creators out there, but Caroline and Craig Makepeace are the real deal. They were such a pleasure to work with and over-delivered in every way possible. Our destination partners raved about their respective experiences with the whole family, and the coverage they produced was polished, authentic, and engaging. I would highly recommend the yTravel team to any tourism professional in the industry.” 

Nerissa Okiye, Tourism Director of Martin County Office of Tourism & Marketing

Sponsored Blog Posts

You can sponsor a post on our site or a series of posts. All sponsored blog posts typically include:

  • Indexed for life on yTravelBlog and in Google.
  • Created around keywords specific to angle of post with links to your website.
  • Social media promotion on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Included in our weekly e-­Newsletter

Social Media Campaigns

We can promote your destination or product through our social media channels. Combining our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter communities we can reach over 132,000, plus 4 million followers on our Pinterest account.

We can also:

  • Host tweet chats
  • Judge competitions
  • Participate in webinars or hangouts – see our Lonely Planet hangout


yTravel Blog creates authentic and professional photos that tell a story of our travels and your destination. Choose between high-resolution or low-resolution photos to be used on your social media channels or images can be licensed for print or advertising.

Video Creation

Our videos are created to inspire, inform and entertain in an authentic and relatable way. As a traveling family, we showcase a range of personalities on camera and

Talent for your marketing needs

Our family can also appear as talent for your commercial marketing needs. Includes us
experiencing the destination and attractions and any voice requirements to convey specific messaging.

We can also star in video campaigns for your brand – see Garnier videoExpedia video, and Outback Queensland video.

We have also starred as the family expert talent for a Idaho Winter Campaign commercial and Georgia State Parks.

We recently had the pleasure of working with the Makepeace family on a multi-day project for Visit Idaho. From the first time we met with them for film planning to them arriving on location for the shoot, they brought enthusiasm, ideas, and professionalism. Whether it was skiing and snow tubing for the first time or experiencing an indoor waterpark as a family, their commitment to the quality of the project and the added exposure they delivered through their social channels are sure to have a lasting impact on Visit Idaho as a brand.

Addy Coleman

Madden Media | VISIT IDAHO

Newsletter Advertising

Our newsletter is published once per week and features our latest updates and recommendations. We currently have 15,000+ subscribers with an open rate of 24% highly responsive readers.

Speaking Engagements

Founders Caz and Craig are available, either separately or as a couple, for appearances, interviews, and speaking engagements.

As a global traveler for over 17 years and one of the top bloggers in her niche, Caz can talk on a wide variety of travel, blogging, and social media related topics.

She has spoken at events such as:

  • Problogger Conference: 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015
  • Tasting Australia Festival Adelaide – Culinary Travel with kids
  • Australian Travel Writer’s Society
  • Gold Coast Tourism Digital Event
  • Brisbane Caravan & Camping Show
  • Social Media Tourism Synopsis
  • Tourism Queensland Digital Big Bang
  • American Express Australia Town Hall Meeting
  • New York Times Travel Show panel speaker 2019, 2020
  • Women’s Travel Fest (NYC) 2018
  • TBEX session speaker (USA) 2017, 2018, 2022
  • TBEX Opening Keynote Speaker (USA) 2019
  • USA Travel & Adventure Show (virtual) 2020, 2021

Freelance Content Creation

Need professional content created for your publication? Talk to us about creating useful and engaging content whether it be blog posts or videos.

Mainstream Media

As expert family travelers and established bloggers, Caz and Craig (and the kids) have been featured on TV programs including Fox Business, Cheddar TV, The Today Show in Australia, A Current Affair, and Queensland Weekender.

family travel blog tv

They’ve been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, Conde Nast Traveler,, Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph, and in Jetstar Magazine.

On radio they’ve been interviewed by 702 ABC Sydney, ABC Tasmania, and ABC Longreach.

Next Steps

Please contact us to receive our full media kit that shows past case studies, references, and our pricing structure. Let’s talk through your ideas and create a win/win relationship. Fill out the contact form below with all pertinent details including your ideas, messaging, and budget.

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