15 Unforgettable Things to Do in Glacier National Park, Montana

Oh my, Glacier National Park in Montanta is an unforgettable USA travel experience.

Jagged snowcapped peaks and glacier blanketed ridges stand guard over green and blue hued lakes, whilst wildflowers and wildlife fill alpine meadows and rivers and waterfalls gush through forested valleys.

Glacier National Park, Montana
Avalanch Lake

There is an incredible amount of things to do in Glacier National Park including some of the best hikes and scenic drives we have done anywhere in North America, and great wildlife spotting opportunities.

It’s the only place in the lower 48 states where grizzly bears still roam in abundance, plus it’s full of bighorn sheep and mountain goats.

Seeing a grizzly was on our US bucket list of things to see AND the list that says, don’t let me get too close to a grizzly when I do!

If I haven’t convinced you enough that a visiting Glacier NP is a must, then check out the accolades this national park in Montana holds:

  • World Heritage Site
  • Biosphere Reserve
  • Worlds’ First International Peace Park
  • and the World’s first International Dark Sky Park

Uh ha. Pretty impressive!

Hidden Lake Trail - outstanding hike in Glacier National Park with kids
Hidden Lake Trail – perfect family friendly hike in Glacier

Glacier National Park Montana is named not just for its fast moving rivers of ice, but for the dramatic ice-sculpted scenery those glaciers have left for us to enjoy and gawk at.

The park’s glaciers are significant less than in nearby North Cascades National Park, which stands at around 300.

The 25 glaciers in this national park are sadly rapidly shrinking. Get here as quick as you can to see them before they do.

Allow Glacier to melt into your heart so you can take whatever small steps you can in your own life to leaving a domino effect impact on preserving the wonders of Mother Nature, and essentially your own survival.

Glacier National Park is one of the most iconic USA national parks and up there with our other favorites such as Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park for providing a never ending run of WOW moments.

Although it’s popular, most visitors stick to the Going-to-the-Sun-Road so you can easily find pockets of tranquility and seclusion (especially on the east side of the park)

There are so many amazing things to see in Glacier National Park so be sure to spend a few days!

Glacier National Park is included in our best USA road trips list!

Where is Glacier National Park?

Glacier is in Western Montana, on the border of Canada to the north.

Hidden Lake, Logan Pass, Glacier National Park things to do
Hidden Lake, Logan Pass

This 1562-sq.-mile national park is bordered by North Fork Flathead River to the West, Marias Pass on US 2 to the South, US89 and Blackfeet Indian Reservation to the east and the Canadian border to the north where you can access into Waterton Lakes National Park

The main areas of the park are:

  • Many Glacier
  • St Mary
  • Two Medicine
  • Logon Pass and Going-to-the-Sun-Road
  • Lake McDonald Valley

Best Things to Do in Glacier National Park

Take your pick. There is an incredible and diverse amount of things to do in Glacier National Park.

Many Glacier area - one of the most beautiful Glacier National park lakes
Many Glacier area – loads of family fun

From hikes, to lake activities, to scenic drives, horseback riding, and wildlife viewing, any kind of interest is catered to.

Glacier National Park has waterfalls, lake, alpine and wooded forests, snow peaked mountains, valleys, grizzly bears, icebergs and glaciers.

It’s on par with Olympic National Park and Yellowstone National Park for unrivalled diversity.

Going to the Sun Road Scenic Drive

You’ll be amazed by this engineering feat that offers incredible vistas, sheer drop offs and perhaps a little bit of terror. It’s one of America’s best scenic drives.

The Going to the Sun Road begins at the park’s west entrance before heading northeast along Lake McDonald. After about 10 miles it begins its long ascent to Logan Pass.

Going to the Sun road, Glacier National Park must see
Going to the Sun road – things to see in Glacier National Park

The road has been carved into the edges of the mountain as it winds its way up to Logan’s Pass and then back down eastwards towards St Mary Visitor Center where it ends on the eastern shore of St Mary Lake.

Interpretative panels are set along the road for you to learn more about how glaciers created this area and point out any notable features.

Being one of the best things to do in Glacier National Park and most popular, we recommend getting an early start as the road can get very busy and finding a park at Logan’s Pass is challenging!

There are plenty of day hikes to do along the way, so if you only have one day to explore the Going to the Sun Road then you definitely want to start early, especially if you are visiting Glacier with kids.

Points of Interest along Going to the Sun Road 

Lake McDonald Valley

Your drive will start through the Lake McDonald Valley, which has the park’s largest lake and dense ancient temperate rainforests.

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park Lakes  Montana
Lake McDonald

There are plenty of hiking trails in this area for you to enjoy this lush and verdant area so different to the rest of the park.

I recommend leaving them for another day, especially if you are doing other hikes up near Logan Pass, and you are staying on the western side of Glacier NP as it’s easier to get to at any time.

The Loop

The Loop, Glacier National Park activities and views
The Loop

Here you’ll find the trailhead to one of the most famous hiking trails in Glacier National Park, the Highline Loop. Stop to enjoy the beginning of the sublime views to come.

Garden Wall and Weeping Wall

This is the section where the road cuts precariously into the Garden Wall. Breathe deep as it can be scary at times.

Weeping Wall, Glacier National Park
Beautiful viewpoints along the Going-to-the-sun Road – Glacier NP highlight

The Granite Wall is a 8,999 ft. granite ridge that separates the west and east regions of Glacier along the Continental Divide. You’ll pass by the popular Weeping Wall, which glistens due to the seasonal waterfall running down it.

There wasn’t any real water running when we drove past. Your car may get a good soaking if its running when you visit.

You could spend hours along this stretch of the road pulling over at the many pullovers to enjoy the views.

Logan Pass

Logan Pass is the highest point in the park navigable by car. Millions of years ago, powerful glaciers carved out lush meadows filled with wildflower and wildlife.

Logan Pass, one of the best things to do in Glacier Nartional Park, Montana
Logan Pass – great hiking for kids

This is a great stopping off point to stretch your legs, browse the visitor center and enjoy one of the several hikes that leave from Logan Pass. We’ll share those in the hike section below.

As mentioned, the Logan Pass parking lot gets very busy during the popular summer months of July and August. So be sure to arrive here as early as you can.

If you don’t get a spot immediately, be patient and drive several laps until you see someone returning to their car. We did about 10 laps before one finally opened up for us.

Big Horn Sheep, Glacier Nartional Park, Montana
Big Horn Sheep at Logan Pass

Cross over to the end of the car park opposite the Visitor Center to appreciate views down over the St Mary Valley. We saw lots of bighorn sheep here right on the edge of the parking lot.

Jackson Glacier Overlook

Jackson Glacier Overlook at the 36 mile mark is one of the only 25 glaciers left in the national park.

St Mary Lake Overlook

The views of St Mary Lake as you drive into this glacier-carved valley from Logan Pass are sensational. Of all the Glacier National Park lakes this view has to be the best!

What to do in Glacier National Park St Mary Lake
St Mary Lake a Glacier National Park must see

You’ll notice the effects of the 2005 Eagle Fire here with much of the forest lining the lake shore still blackened. There are numerous trailheads and viewpoints along here.

Wildgoose Island

Wildgoose Island is a small piece of land in the middle of St Mary Lake.

Wildgoose Island, Glacier National Park, Montana
Wildgoose Island – one of my favorite views of the Glacier national park lakes

We stopped here on a separate day to admire the spectacular views of the valley, St Mary Lake, and the surrounding mountain views.

The afternoon light doesn’t show its magnificence – its the morning light that does so plan accordingly. This was one of my favorite views in the park so add it to your Glacier National Park must see list.

Best Hikes in Glacier National Park

Besides the scenic drive, hiking is one of the best things to do in Glacier National Park.

Hidden Lake Trail, Glacier National Park
Hidden Lake Trail – best family activity in Glacier

It’s hard to say what are the best hikes in Glacier National Park as there are sooo many and we didn’t do them all.

So we’ll share the Glacier National Park hikes we did and LOVED. Each of the following hikes would give you a fantastic overview of the diverse scenery of this national park.

I feel we did the best hiking trails in glacier national park. If you can fit any of these in you will have an incredible experience. Be sure to choose a hike that best suits your fitness levels as several will have high elevation gain.

All of these Glacier NP trails are fantastic to do with kids.

Lake McDonald Valley Hikes

Trail of the Cedars (1 mile roundtrip)

The Trail of the Cedars is a short, paved wheelchair accessible one-mile roundtrip hike. Arrive early as parking can be an issue.

You’ll walk along a rasied boardwalk through a forest of ancient western red cedars and western hemlocks.

The lush forest floor is covered in ferns and mosses and a footbridge over Avalanche Creek offers gorgeous views of a small waterfall and the lower Avalanche Gorge. This is the trail for ambling and perfect family activity in Glacier National Park.

Avalanche Lake (4 mile return)

You can branch off the Trail of the Cedars to hike to Avalanche Lake. This is a gentle 4-mile return hike that follows the meandering Avalanche Creek.

Avalanche Lake - best things to do in Glacier National Park with kids
Glacier National Park Lakes: Avalanche Lake

It’s wooded and rocky in parts and slightly elevated. It reminded me so much of the Mirror Lake Trail in Yosemite National Park, even the views at the end were very similar.

Avalanche Lake is beautiful and this is one of the nicest Glacier National Park hiking trails for all ages.

Pack a picnic lunch. You’ll want to rest on the shore of Avalanche Lake for a while to take in the views of the towering mountains on the other side with waterfalls gushing down its sides.

Apparently a bear was here just before we arrived!

Logan Pass Hikes

Hidden Lake Trail (3.2 mile return)

Starting from the Logan Pass Visitor Center, this is one hike that is easy for most people (and also very popular).

Hidden Overlook Trail, Glacier National Park things to do
Hidden Lake Trail with kids Glacier

It’s 3 mile return that is part boardwalk and path with an elevation gain of just under 500 feet.

The walk heads over lush alpine meadows and offers beautiful expansive vistas and mountain views. Without realizing it you will cross over the Continental Divide here just before the overlook.

The trail brings you to the spectacular deep blue Hidden Lake. It’s bordered by rocky cliffs and mountain peaks. This is a great spot to have a picnic lunch.

Hidden Overlook Trail - things to see in Glacier National Park
Hidden Lake Views

We wanted to continue on down to Hidden Lake (a further 1.5 mile down a steep track) but the grizzly bears were just not allowing it. Only two days before they had killed a mountain goat which was still on the path.

This makes it very unsafe to walk so the trail was closed. We did not see any bears on this trail.

Highline Trail (1 – 7.6 mile one-way)

Remember that Garden Wall I mentioned on the Going to the Sun Road? Now is your chance to walk along it and look down upon the Going-to-the-Sun road.

Highline Trail, Glacier National Park
Highline Trail

The Garden Wall is the sharp, glacier carved ridge that forms part of the Continental Divide. Walking along it is a highlight and one of the best things to do in Glacier National Park.

As the Hidden Lake Trail was closed, we had a bit of extra time and decided to walk a short way along the beginning of this trail, which is where you get the most beautiful views.

The total length of this trail is 11.6 miles – one way! It will end at The Loop where you can then sort out a ride back on the shuttle bus. I doubt you will want to hike back!

The beginning of the trail is quite steep, narrow and a little scary at the beginning. Ropes tethered to the wall are there to guide you and help you feel a little more secure. The views are phenomenal – be careful not to get too distracted by them.

It then widens and flattens out and takes you through the huckleberry bushes. Don’t forget to yell out “Hey Bear!”

Highline Trail, Glacier National Park
Cool hike in Glacier National Park with kids

We stopped here and then turned back. You could continue walking to Haystack butte which is 3.5 miles into the walk. From there the trail takes you to Grinnell Glacier Overlook (7.6 miles).

Turn back here or keep walking to The Loop. Of all the epic Glacier National Park things to do, this trail is on my list for when we return.

Many Glacier Hikes

When people gush about their Glacier experiences, it’s usually Many Glacier they talk about the most.

Grinnell Lake on the Grinnell Glacier Trail
The spectacular Grinnell Lake

This area has some of the most accessible glaciers and is possibly the best place to spot wildlife. We saw a mum and baby black bear foraging by the side of the road as we drove into this area.

The views here driving in alone are enough to tell you, you have arrived at a special place.

Grinnell Glacier Hike (11 mile return)

Wow! Where do you start with the Grinnell Glacier hike? Firstly, just do it – it’s our favorite of things to do in Glacier National Park.

Grinnell Glacier Trail
Grinnell Glacier Hike with kids – a Glacier NP must do

We were hesitating as we knew it was an 11 mile return hike, with the end being very steep. We weren’t sure if hiking all the way up to Upper Grinnell Lake would be worth it?

Should we just hike to Grinnell Lake and be satisfied? We got up close to a glacier in North Cascades National Park just a few weeks before.

Boy are we so glad we decided to keep going!

At the top of our list of Glacier National Park hikes was the Iceberg Lake. It was shorter than Grinnell Glacier and you’d get to see icebergs at the end of it. That was going to be the ultimate.

But, then a grizzly bear killed a mountain goat so the trail was closed.

After chatting with several rangers, we decided to do Grinnell Glacier as they all said it was probably the best hike in Glacier for its outstanding views and because you get to see a glacier, which sadly is rapidly melting.

Surprisingly, especially considering since we expressed our disappointment at not being able to see icebergs on the Iceberg trail, not one ranger or person mentioned that when we arrived at Upper Grinnell Lake we would see this…

Upper Grinell Lake Grinnell Glacier Trail
WOW!! Upper Grinnell Lake icebergs

Can you imagine our surprise and elation as we came up from the last of the steep climbs trying to grasp our breath and asking, “Are we there yet?” and we saw a milky turquoise lake completely covered in bopping icebergs.

We were like what glacier?

But Grinnell Glacier was there on the mountain face standing guard over its chunks of ice it released into the water. It was mesmerizing.

It was a hot day as well and we all contemplated jumping in for a cool down until we stuck our big toe in and decided it might be a little risky given the slippery sloping sides we’d have to try and climb back out of.

I don’t think our body would have too long before it shut down in those freezing temperatures.

So we sat in the sun enjoying the stunning beauty of Mother Nature and vowing to do even more to reduce our impact upon her precious resources.

Grinnell Glacier Trail
Loving those icebergs. Water is a b it chilly

How could it be possible that our future grandkids may never see this?

My favorite was hearing the kids say – after a couple of hours of hard hiking and whining – “Oh my God, this was so totally worth it.”

What’s even better about the Grinnell Glacier hike is that the views all the way there and back are absolutely stunning. You get panoramic views down into the valley over the brilliant aqua of the famous Glacier National Park Lakes: Grinnell Lake, Swiftcurrent Lake and Josephine Lake.

You walk through huckleberry gardens and forested sections. It’s just beautiful.

We almost saw a grizzly bear as well. A fisherman yelled to us from down below that a grizzly was drinking from the edge of the lake. It was in a position where we could not see it (but we were in a safe position).

The Fisherman, whilst alert didn’t seem to bothered, and quietly snuck on out. Seeing that grizzly would have made Grinnell Glacier the best hike in America!

You can just hike to Grinnell Lake which is absolutely stunning. I liked looking down on it from above the trail.

What to do in Glacier National Park Grinnell Lake
Stunning Grinnell Lake views

To save your legs, you can get a ferry from Many Glacier Hotel to the other side of Swiftcurrent Lake. A short hike will take you to Josephine Lake where another boat will take you to the other side.

From there it is 1.5 miles overland to Grinnell Lake. We contemplated it, but figured due to ferry waiting times and the cost of the ferry, it would just be easier to just hike it.

I’m so glad we did! Although I do think boat tours on the lake would be serene and beautiful. A different family friendly activity in Glacier for us to return and do.

Two Medicine Valley Hikes

Two Medicine Valley is a quiet corner of Glacier National Park.

Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park hidden secret
Two Medicine Valley – a hidden Glacier National Park place to visit

Before the Going-to-the-Sun Road was opened, this was one of the busier areas of the park. This area is for avid hikers looking for some high-altitude passes across the Continental Divide and those content with a short stroll and a picnic by the lake.

You can also enjoy a cruise on Two Medicine Lake, where you can jump off and enjoy a two mile hike to double-flumed Twin Falls.

Running Eagle Falls (0.6 miles roundtrip)

This is only a short trail 0.6 miles roundtrip, but is really worth doing if in this area. It’s handicap accessible and has a well-maintained path.

Running Eagle Falls, Glacier National Park cool things to do
WOW!! Glacier NP waterfall: Running Eagle Falls

You’ll cross over a footbridge near the stream which leads to a stunning waterfall. There are plenty of vantage points in the area.

What made this waterfall so unique is that it appears to come gushing out of a cave. Apparently during spring this is covered up by the volume of water rushing over the top of the 40 ft. ledge above.

Once that water dries up you can see the water coming out of the 20 ft. sinkhole. I am so glad we saw it when we did as it was cool!

I loved the story surrounding the name of this waterfall as well. It’s named after Running Eagle (Pitamakan) a female warrior leader of the Blackfeet Nation who experienced a four-day vision quest in the mountains high above the falls.

It has a spiritual essence here.

Planning a Trip to Glacier National Park

How Many Days Do You Need in Glacier National Park?

I can’t fathom that you’d visit Glacier National Park in a day, but if that is your only opportunity, then do it. And follow the Going-to-the-Sun road and add in at least one of the hikes below.

Our recommendation is to visit for at least three days. We had five days in the Western Montana area, but only spent three days exploring the national park.

What Time of Year is Best to Visit Glacier National Park?

McDonald Creek Region - another must see in Glacier National Park
McDonald Creek Region – another must see in Glacier National Park

Peak season for experiencing all the things to do in Glacier National Park is in July and August.

Due to its high altitude, many facilities don’t open until July. Lower elevations can be visited as early as May, and September will see fewer crowds.

Getting to Glacier National Park


The easiest way to get to Glacier NP is by car. It will give you the greatest flexibility in getting around the park, but you may also want to consider the free shuttle mentioned below.

I loved the freedom of having our own vehicle as we explored the Going-to-the-sun-road.


Amtrak’s Empire Builder runs from Chicago to Seattle stopping in both East Glacier and West Glacier.

Shuttle Service to the Park

You can also get a private shuttle from Whitefish and Glacier National Park Airport and anywhere in the Flathead Valley to the park and back.

Learn more about this service here.

Is there a Shuttle in Glacier National Park?

Glacier National Park offers a free shuttle bus stopping at all major spots on the Going to the Sun road. So all major trailheads are served by the bus. They are air-conditioned, wheelchair accessible and run on bio diesel.

There is a shuttle service that also stops at the major places to visit on the eastern side of the park.

Tours of Glacier National Park

Red Jammer Buses

You cannot escape seeing the red jammer buses driving along the Going-to-the-Sun-Road. They definitely add a lot of color to the views.

Red hammer tours Glacier National Park
Ride the red bus in Glacier National Park things to do

They are a nostalgic reminder of days gone by and have been serving the park for over 70 years. It’s an easy way to sit back with the top open, enjoy the views and have someone tell you all about the park and what you are seeing.

It’s a Glacier National Park activity for those who want a more relaxing experience.

Bear Safety

Welcome to the land of the grizzly bear – the most feared animal in my world. Remember the Glacier National Park is their home and you are a guest. So visit with respect and caution.

Black bear in Glacier National Park
We spotted this black bear in Manny Glacier

If you are as scared as I was about grizzlies (and still are), you won’t be as scared when you are there in this stunning park enjoying many beautiful hikes and stunning vistas.

We did take many precautions and were very bear aware the entire time.

Low and behold we did not see one grizzly! We did see a few black bears though.

A few tips:

  • Never give bears easy access to your food. For your safety and theirs. Any bears seeking human food must be removed from the park so please protect their home as well as yourself.
  • Follow the rangers advice. They are soo good at monitoring bears and shutting down trails due to any threatening bear activity. Check in with them. They’re working to keep you and the bears safe.
  • Hike in groups. We had a group from 10 – 16 hiking on every trail so I felt very safe with all our noise, especially the kids singing and screaming, Hey bear.
  • Be sure to make noise. Yell out “hey bear”, clap and sing. Make the noise on blind corners so you don’t startle any bears.
  • Carry bear spray and only use it if the bear comes close to you. It is a last resort but is meant to be the best one.

Accommodation in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park Camping

Most campgrounds operate on a first-come, first-served basis with varying fees.

Fish Creek and St Mary Campgrounds and half of Many Glacier Campground can be reserved. There are no hook ups.

Get all the details here.

Glacier National Park Lodges

Lake Macdonald Lodge, Glacier NP accommodation
Lake MacDonald Lodge

When a Swiss chalet meets a hunting lodge, you get the atmosphere of Lake McDonald Lodge. It’s perfectly located on the edge of the lake and near many hiking trails. Worth having a look even if you aren’t staying here.

Many Glacier Hotel

I’m disappointed we finished our Grinnell Glacier hike so late and missed checking out Manny Glacier Hotel, a popular and stunning old style lodge on Swiftcurrent Lake.

Many Glacier Hotel - place to stay in Glacier
Many Glacier Hotel

The views here of the glaciers and lakes are meant to be phenomenal. If you can, this would be a great place to stay filled with otherworldly charm and tranquility.

Places to Stay near Glacier National Park

Close to the western gate is the West Glacier, probably the most popular and pleasant gateway town. I’d recommend staying here or the lovely town of Whitefish which has lots of options. 

Belton Chalet is the park’s oldest hotel built in 1910. We stayed not too far outside West Glacier.

Things to Do near Glacier National Park with Kids

Aerial Adventure Park

Head to the obstacle course high up into the trees at the Whitefish Mountain Resort.We loved the two hours we spent there with friends for Savannah’s birthday.

We wish we had more time to complete the harder blue and black levels of the Aerial Adventure Park but a thunder storm unexpectantly rolled through and they had to close the course.

It was probably the best high ropes course we have done. We traversed the trees via cable bridges, climbing rope ladders and swinging trapezes. And a couple of fun zip lines too!

What I loved most was watching the kids working together to get through the course, supporting and encouraging. This is why you do activities like this – it’s true team building and shows you that we’re all in this together, and true joy comes from collaboration and achieving together.

I spent the entire time moving through the courses with the kids and I had a blast spending such precious time with them.

Whitefish Mountain Resort also offers zip line tours, scenic lift rides, alpine rides and mountain biking in the summer.

Of course, in the winter it’s all about skiing. Their lodges with hot tubs on the deck look very enticing.

Tips on More National Parks in the USA

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