YTP: EP06: Pros and Cons of RV Travel For Beginners

Have you ever wondered whether the RV lifestyle is for you?

Less responsibilities, minimal living, cheaper lifestyle and spectacular views from your bedroom window that change every day…sounds like the dream, right?

RV travel for beginners
In Tucson, Arizona

We agree, there is the allure of RV travel, and why you want to sell everything and buy a house on wheels right now. But, it’s not the complete story.

Before you go all in, in our video down below we want to help you understand the PROS and CONS before you start. Because just like all forms of travel, it’s not for everyone!

We’re sharing the negatives of RV travel not to scare you away, but to adequately prepare you so you can ensure you have the best time ever!

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Watch Our RV Video

In our video d we share why we chose our travel trailer and Ford F250 for our USA road trip.

Plus all the pros and cons of RV travel we experienced over 11 months across the US. Press the play button:

We discuss:

Positives to RV Travel

  • Boondocking benefits
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Mobile home and creature comforts
  • Maybe cheaper … maybe
  • Conducive to exercise and outdoor living
  • Campfires and socializing
  • and more

Negatives to RV Travel

  • Labor intensive
  • Maybe expensive
  • Weather challenges
  • Work and internet limitations
  • and more

Plus, we share how we’d do it differently if we did it again. And what kind of RV and car would we choose to road trip the US in again.

In follow up episodes we share:

Our RV Travel Background

We’ve had extensive RV travel experience in different countries; USA, Australia and Europe.

And we bring those years of experience to give you a well-rounded perspective of the good and bad of traveling in an RV whether that is with a travel trailer, motor home, Class A or C or sprinter.

In Australia, we traveled around for 18 months in a tiny Jayco pop up caravan (travel trailer). Actually the first three months of that trip was in a 4 person tent as that was all we could afford.

Kalyra was 6 and Savannah was 2 – possibly the worst age to travel with a toddler – it was full of transitions!

We just recently finished an almost year long road trip of the Western part of the USA with a 37 ft Salem Hemisphere travel trailer and our Ford F250 truck.

Boy did we appreciate the extra space and comfort this time around!

We have also previously traveled in a motorhome (Class C) for two weeks in South Australia visiting Flinders Ranges National Park and the Eyre Peninsula. And we road tripped the UK for six weeks in one with Craig’s family way back in 2004.

Getting around the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. We had a Britz motorhome
Our Motorhome Class C around South Australia

And way back in 1998, I traveled around Europe for 3 months in a sprinter van with 4 girlfriends. Aussies would call it a campervan or a Eurovan!

Europe Campervan tour
Our Eurovan broke down!! – the only pic I have

So we are definitely in a position to share what we think is the best way to travel with an RV and offer you sage advice for your circumstances.

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