35 Cool Things to Do in London (Ultimate Bucket List)

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Are you ready for the most comprehensive guide to the best things to do in London? Get yourself a cup of breakfast tea and a biscuit, because I’ve got a lot to show you.

I’ve not only visited London several times, but I lived there for 2.5 years. I’ve explored every nook and cranny, as the British would say, and selected some of the most unmissable London attractions that you need to make sure you check out.

The London Eye on the River Thames
London Eye: one of the fun things to do in London

If you want to see the best of London, I would recommend you spend at least a couple of weeks there. We did 10 days of intense exploring from early morning to late at night, and I still feel like we could have seen more.

But, from a tourist perspective, and you’ll most likely only have a short visit to London. If that’s the case, you’ll need to be selective about which of these attractions in London you see first.

If you are moving to live in London or intending to experience London for longer and on a deeper dive into local experiences, then we challenge you to see all of this list.

London is a top tourist destination for a reason!

London Tube Station
London is easy to explore by Tube (underground train)

Tips for Visiting London

London is jam packed with top attractions, cultural experiences, cool neighborhoods, and surprises and hidden gems on every street, corner, and cobblestoned alley.

Before we get started with what to do in London, I have just a few words of advice for you…

We walked on average 10 miles a day to see and do as much as we could. London is one of our favorite cities in the world and has been our favorite family trip so far!

But it’s pretty big, so you’re going to need comfortable walking shoes when exploring.

I also recommend you get yourself an Oyster Card. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to use London’s public transportation. You can pick up an Oyster Card from any major underground station.

You should also pack an umbrella and be prepared for rain. It’s no exaggeration what they say about England, it really does rain a lot.

Read more: There are a lot of things you should know before visiting London, so check out our London travel tips guide for some essential information you must know before you go. And here is a 3 day London Itinerary guide and a 5-7 Day London itinerary to help you with your planning!

London Bucket List + Itinerary Guides
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The Top Things to Do in London

Now I’ve given you a few tips to help you plan your trip, it’s time to take a look at the top London attractions. These are the most unmissable things to do in London as well as some hidden gems.

Top tip!

Many of the paid attractions are on the London Pass by Go City, which is a great money-saving discount tourist card for a select number of days or attractions.

Depending on what you want to do in London, you could either use it for all the attractions, OR use the card for the most expensive attraction and then purchase separate tickets for the cheaper attractions individually.

The London Sightseeing Pass and The London Pass are also favorite tourist discount cards that offer flexibility and diversity of top London attractions, plus quirky local tours, and discounts on shopping and eating out. But we didn’t try these passes.

1. Discover the Magic at Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios, London

Harry Potter London Studios
Entrance to Harry Potter Studios

High on the list of many visitors to London is the Harry Potter tour at the Warner Bros Studios. It was one of our favorite things to do in London with kids.

Located about one hour northwest of London, this backlot tour will take you through sets, props, and interactive exhibits of the real movie settings of the Harry Potter film series.

Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour, London
Cool fun at the studio

You’ll be amazed at how they created magical scenes from such small, intimate settings. We all loved this magical deep dive into the Wizarding World.

Allow for 3-4 hours for the self-guided tour. That will give you enough time to read the stories, ride a broomstick, walk through the forbidden forest and those scary spiders, and drink butterbeer.

You must book in advance for timed entry tickets, otherwise, you will wait for hours.

  • Hours: 9.30am – 8.00pm
  • Address: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden, WD25 7LR

2. Do a Beefeater Tour in the Tower of London

The Tower of London
Our Beefeater tour guide

A visit to the Tower of London would not be as good without doing the free 45 minute beefeater tour. 

Nicknamed Beefeaters, Yeoman Warders have been guarding the Tower of London since Tudor time when Henry VIII decided that the Tower should be protected by part of the royal bodyguard.

They were originally part of the Yeoman of the Guard – the monarch’s personal, crack bodyguard who traveled with him everywhere.

The Yeoman Body of 32 men and women are all drawn from the Armed Forces, and must have an impeccable record of service and high ranks.

Visiting the Tower of London was cool
Visiting the Tower of London was fascinating!

They share entertaining and gruesome stories of its macabre history from its former years (and I mean centuries) as a Royal residence, armory, treasury, and zoo (thank goodness they stopped that!)

The Tower of London is actually a castle comprising twenty-two towers but sitting in the middle is the original White Tower built in the 1070s by William the Conqueror. The walls, towers, and moat surrounding it came in the 1200s and have been there ever since.

There is a lot to see and do here, including seeing the Crown Jewels.

  • Hours: dependent on tour. General opening hours 9.00am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday, 10.00am – 5.30pm Saturday and Sunday
  • Address: London EC3N 4AB

Top tip: Get there for doors opening and buy a skip the line ticket. The Tower of London is notorious for its long lines, which can extend into hours. Tickets will also be cheaper online. It’s also part of the London Pass by Go City.

3. Experience Extraordinary Views from the London Eye

The London Eye on the River Thames
London Eye Views

One of the most famous attractions in London, with some of the best views of the city, is the London Eye on the River Thames.

It is the tallest observation wheel in Europe and a great way to see different viewpoints of the famous buildings in London, like the Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. 

The capsule you sit in moves slowly enough (30-minutes to do a full revolution) that you get time to enjoy the experience and get great photos.

  • Hours: 11.00am – 6.00pm daily
  • Address: Riverside Building, County Hall, London SE1 7PB

4. Visit a Royal Park

St James Park, London
St James Park

Londoners love their Royal Parks. These 5000 acres of quality green spaces provide a beautiful respite from a busy day exploring the city  There are eight royal parks in London, many of which are in the central tourist area, and all are free to visit.

They’ll have beautiful gardens, fields for picnics and sports, lakes with boat rides, tree-lined paths, beautiful views, wild life, and many will have public events, concerts, and festivals.

My favorites are St James’s Park, Regent’s Park, Kensington Gardens, Greenwich Park, and Hyde Park.

Regents Park, LondonRegents Park, London
Regents Park

As you are probably on a short visit to London, these are the London parks you’ll visit the most. But, London is full of delightful parks, gardens, and squares all over the city!

5. Shop and Eat at Borough Market

Borough Market, London
Borough Market

One of the best places to eat in London is the popular Borough Market on the south side of the River Thames, a collection of stalls and vendors selling fresh produce.

Whether you’re hungry for strawberries dipped in chocolate, soft local cheeses, bowls of Vietnamese pho, sausage rolls or a refreshingly sweet peach prosecco, you’ll find it here.

On the periphery you’ll find pubs, cafes, restaurants, murals and a few Harry Potter filming locations, including the Leaky Cauldron Pub.

I’ll warn you; weekends are shoulder-to-shoulder busy. During the week it is a much quieter experience.

  • Hours: 10.00am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm Saturday, 10.00am – 3.00pm Sunday
  • Address: Riverside Building, County Hall, London SE1 7PB

Don’t Miss: Coffee from Monmouth and the sweet peach prosecco.

6. Experience a Traditional Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea at The Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington was fantastic!
Afternoon tea at The Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington was fantastic!

It is alleged that afternoon tea began in England in 1840, by Anna Stanhope, the Duchess of Bedford. As dinner was served late in the evening, this was a way of satisfying her hunger pains mid-afternoon.

It became a fashionable form of entertainment and over the years it became an experience for more than just the wealthy. 

Some also say the French started it. But, let’s not get involved in that battle.

For now, we’ll celebrate the English tradition of high tea, named so for the high tables it’s served on. They come in layers of savory and sweet items such as scones with jam and cream, finger sandwiches, macaroons, and pastries.

The Ampersand Hotel, South Kensington, London

While you might think you’re required to drink copious amounts of tea with it, you can choose to have coffee, and many will now come served with flutes of champagne or cocktails. Now we’re talking! 

High Tea at the Ritz is the most famous for setting the standard for afternoon tea. The Savoy is another old-school favorite for traditional pomp. We had many recommendations for high tea at Fortnum & Mason.

The Lanesborough is going to give you that vibrant floral Bridgerton afternoon tea flair. Equally aesthetically pleasing – in a bright and modern way is the Ampersand Hotel where we experienced our science-themed high tea, which made Kalyra’s London for teens list!)

There’s even a quirky experience like afternoon tea on a London bus or on a Thames River cruise

First-time visitors will want to add a high tea experience to their list of things to do in London. 

Click to read more about our science themed afternoon tea at the Ampersand Hotel in Kensington. And if you’re planning to visit other parts of the UK, we also had an amazing afternoon tea in Oxford.

7. See the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Image by DepositPhotos.com
Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Image by DepositPhotos.com

Ok, so technically we didn’t see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace on this recent London trip – but I did see it when I lived in London.

We had planned for it on the day it doesn’t happen, so, check the schedule!

This is how you make Buckingham Palace a little more than just a sticky beak through the gates and a few “I was here” photos.

The Changing of the Guards is the ceremony where The Queen’s Guard hands over responsibility for protecting Buckingham Palace and St. James’s Palace to the New Guard.

The pomp and ceremony of the precision drill and bands playing stirring music make it one of the most popular London attractions – and it’s free!

Buckingham Palace, London
Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been the official London Residence of the Royal Family since 1837. If the Royal Standard flag is flying it means Queen Elizabeth II is in residence, and if the Union flag is flying it means she’s out of town.

As the Queen has chosen of late to reside more at Windsor Castle, her favorite of all her palaces, the odds are you’ll see the Union flag.

Don’t miss the changing of the guards. Here are the times:

  • June – July: Daily
  • August – May: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
  • Starts at 11am and goes on for about 45 mins.

Address: London SW1A 1AA

8. Eat a Traditional Sunday Roast

Edinboro Castle Pub, Camden, London
Sunday roast at the Edinboro Pub, Camden

You will see them all across London and the UK – traditional Sunday Roast. It is a British cultural experience not to miss.

It’s said to have started during the reign of King Henry VII in 1485. The royal guards would eat roast beef every Sunday after church, which is claimed to have given them the name ‘beefeaters.’ (they now run the tours at the Tower of London).

On Sundays throughout the U.K., pubs and restaurants are packed full for the roast dinner; it’s considered the time for families or friends to get together and share great food.

Although Roast Dinners began with beef, modern times make room for chicken, pork, lamb, or even vegetarian. Many places will offer a traditional pub roast or one with a little more of a modern flair.

Don't miss fish & chips in a London Pub
Don’t miss fish & chips in a London Pub

Typically included are roasted potatoes and root vegetables, green vegetables like cabbage and spring greens, cauliflower cheese, and lots of gravy. It’s traditional to serve it with a Yorkshire pudding, which is a savory eggy batter poured over beef drippings.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Sunday Roast at the Edinboro Castle Pub in Camden. They have a lovely beer garden and gluten-free beer to match!

  • Hours: 12.00pm – 11.00pm Monday – Saturday, 12.00pm – 10.30pm Sunday
  • Address: 57 Mornington Terrace, London NW1 7RU

Read more: If you need more inspiration on pubs in London, check out our complete guide to16 pubs we loved in London!

9. See the Iconic Big Ben

Big Ben, London
Big Ben

Big Ben is to London, what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. It’s one of London’s landmarks that cannot be missed off any itinerary. 

Big Ben is the 13.5 tonne iconic clock tower at the Houses of Parliament. Officially, it’s the Elizabeth Tower, but everyone calls it Big Ben after Benjamin Hall, the First Commissioner of Works when it was finished in 1858.

You can see it from many viewpoints in London, including the London Eye, Westminster Bridge, cruising along the river, and our favorite, Parliament Square.

Parliament Square is next to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. It has statues of well-known political leaders including Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, and Nelson Mandela.

Winston Churchill Statue overlooking Big Ben
Winston Churchill Statue overlooking Big Ben

One of our favorite iconic London photos we captured on our trip – that even local Londoners didn’t know about – was that of Winston Churchill looking out upon Big Ben.

The Houses of Parliament is where all the important business in running the country happens. You can tour inside on select days and times. I was fortunate to have a friend working there when I lived in London who invited me in for a drink at one of the pubs inside. It was a cool experience!

If you’re interested in British Politics, Number 10 Downing Street is a five-minute walk from Big Ben and is known for being the home of the Prime Minister. Nowadays the Prime Minister doesn’t live there, but still uses it to hold meetings.

  • Hours: 9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Address: London SW1A 0AA

10. Tour Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abby, London
Outside Westminster Abbey

Since you’re at Parliament Square, let’s cross the road and tour Westminster Abbey, the Royal Church of England. Every monarch since William the Conqueror has been crowned here and many have been married in the abbey as well.

I enjoyed our self-guided audio tour of Westminster Abbey more than I thought I would, as did our kids (14 & 10).

You’ll walk through the beautiful, tiled sanctuary where weddings happen; the elaborate quire; visit the tombs of many royals and important people; pay your respects at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier; and see the bland Coronation Chair.

Inside Westminster Abbey, London
Inside of Westminster Abbey is amazing!

Don’t miss the Poets Corner where you’ll find the resting places of some of England’s finest: Chaucer, Dickens, Tennyson, Kipling, and Hardy.

I also enjoyed seeing the perspective of the abbey from walking around the cloisters and gardens. This tour is part of the London Pass by Go City.

  • Hours: 9.30am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 2.00pm Saturday, Sundays for services only.
  • Address: 20 Deans Yd, London SW1P 3PA

11. Tour Kensington Palace and Gardens

At the gates of Kensington Palace, London
Kensington Palace

Kensington is known as the home of the Young Royals. It’s the official residence of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (i.e. Prince William and Kate) and their children. Harry and Meghan lived here for a time, and most famously, it was beloved Princess Diana’s home.

This is also where the legendary Queen Victoria was born. You can follow her Royal footsteps on a tour through her re-imagined childhood rooms and the King and Queen State Apartments, and the magnificent King’s State Apartments and Queen’s State Apartments.

Kensington Palace, London, England
Inside Kensington Palace

I loved the Life Through a Royal Lens exhibition sharing the Royal Family through photography, the views from the windows, the elaborate Kings Staircase, and King’s Gallery.

And the most beautiful Kensington Gardens with their memorial to Diana and the legacy of her work doing good for the world. We really enjoyed this London experience.

  • Hours: 10.00am – 6.00pm, Closed Sunday and Monday
  • Address: Kensington Gardens, London W8 4PX

12. Explore Covent Garden

Covent Garden, London
Street entertainment in Covent Garden

One of the most well-known places to visit in London is Covent Garden. 

Wander the cobblestoned areas surrounding the central marketplace, which had its beginnings as a convent garden in the 1500s. It served different purposes from then, but by the 1800s it had developed into the largest produce market in the world. Its overwhelming size prompted its relocation in 1974. 

It is also next to other tourist attractions in London, like Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column, Leicester Square, Soho, and the West End theater district. 

Covent Garden, London
Restaurant at Covent Garden

There are endless restaurants and bars and local stores. Performers rotate all day long on the street just below the balcony of the famous Punch and Judy pub (good luck trying to get on it!).

Don’t forget to spread out across the central Covent Garden marketplace area to explore the surrounding cobblestone streets and side alleys for other secret gems!

When you need a break, head to Lamb & Flag for a family pub lunch in the oldest pub in Covent Garden. (this was one of our favorite London pubs).

13. See a theater show at the West End

matilda cambridge theater
Matilda Cambridge Theater | Source DepositPhotos.com

London is renowned as one of the best places in the world for theater. There are over 40 theater venues in the West End performing to over 14 million every year.

There is a large variety of musicals on offer, some of the most popular ones being the Lion King, Wicked, Les Misérables, and Hamilton. (I saw Les Misérables and Saigon when living in London)

On this family vacation to London, Kalyra, Savannah and I went to see Matilda in the Cambridge Theater in Covent Garden, while Craig caught up with his old Rugby teammates from Sydney in Chelsea.

Matilda the Musical is based on the Roald Dahl book and movie. Most of the cast are young children, who are very talented. We laughed the entire time!

I’m glad we added this it to our London itinerary at the last minute as our teen said it was one of her favorite London experiences.

If you want to have a unique experience and see something quintessentially English, you can catch a Shakespeare production at The Globe Theatre on the banks of the River Thames.

Fair warning; this theater is a standing theater so maybe think about that if there’s a production of Hamlet or King Lear.

14. Explore the Murals in Shoreditch

Shoreditch, LondonShoreditch, London

If you are short on time and want to experience more traditional London attractions, then save Shoreditch as a thing to do on your next London trip. 

Those with longer than three days in London and love exploring modern culture, you will want to do a mural tour of the Hip Shoreditch in East London. 

Street art in the UK is still technically illegal and considered a criminal activity, which means street art can pop up quickly, but be taken down just as fast.

Shoreditch, LondonShoreditch, London
Powerful mural in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is the anomaly and is the epicenter of London’s street art scene as they fight back on the vandalism label. The most well-known secret street artist of all time – Banksy has left his mark in Shoreditch several times.

Shoreditch Street Art tour – this came so highly recommended to us, but we could not make it work with our schedule. Definitely a thing to do in London when we return. Check out this Shoreditch tour here.

15. Drink a Pimm’s & Lemonade

pimm's and lemonade
Pimm’s with a View

If you are coming to England and intend on experiencing a high tea, you cannot pass on drinking a Pimm’s & Lemonade. It’s somewhat of an unofficial drink of London, especially on a hot summer’s day. (What? You mean that’s a thing?)

James Pimm invented and marketed the very first “Pimm’s’ as a health tonic in the 1840s. It was a gin-based drink mixed with a secret mix of herbs and other liquids and was used to aid digestion. It was served in a small tankard-style cup which was known as the ‘No.1 Cup’

Founder's Arms Pub, London
Founder’s Arms Pub is a top spot by the river for a drink

It’s a great drink to have with friends as it’s often served by the Pitcher, ice-cold and filled with fresh fruits. It has a mildly sweet and spiced flavor and is refreshing. I can’t believe I never drank it when I lived in London. I liked it a lot!

Choose a bar, any bar, but if you want to follow our advice: When it hits Pimm’s o’clock on a sunny day in London enjoy yours with a view at the Founder’s Arms on the River Thames at Southwark.

Hours: 10.00am – 11.00pm, Monday – Thursday, 10.00am – 12.00am Friday, 9.00am – 12.00am Saturday, 9.00am – 11.00pm Sunday
Address: 52 Hopton St, London SE1 9JH

16. Have a London Ale + a Traditional Pub Lunch

Camden Head Pub in The Angel District
Enjoying a local cask ale at the Camden Head Pub in The Angel District

As we mentioned in our best pubs in the London post, we absolutely love the English pub experience, and had lunch in one almost every day. Well, at least we stopped in for a pint of ale!

Almost any pub in London will have a cozy, warm ambiance with an incredible historical tale to tell. You’ll find low ceilings, creaky stairs, live music, beer gardens, and beautiful London views. 

Most will offer a menu of traditionally English pub meals. We already mentioned the unmissable Sunday roast, but other English favorites to try are the fish and chips, bangers and mash and gravy, and pie with mash and gravy. You may even find some mushy peas – another English favorite.

And I was thrilled to find a couple of pubs that had gluten free fish and chips.

Camden Head Pub, The Angle, London, England
Craig enjoying a pint

Alongside your pub lunch, be sure to taste a traditional English ale pulled into the glass by a hand pump. As a previous bartender in London, I can tell you pulling a few of these pints of an evening can give you sore arms!

This is a uniquely British dispensing device that is specifically appropriate for traditional cask-conditioned ales. It allows the casks to be kept in a cooler cellar below the bar and the beer to be pulled or drawn up to the bar and gives a lower carbonation beer.

The English will tell you it’s a far better tasting beer. Craig agrees and drank plenty of them to arrive at that conclusion.

17. Do the Southbank Walk

Exploring Southbank in London
Exploring Southbank in London

We took any chance we could to walk along Southbank to get from A to B.

This South Bank to Southwark walk along the Thames starts at Westminster Bridge, looking towards the Houses of Parliament all the way to Tower Bridge. Or vice versa. It’s approximately  2.5 miles / 4km in total. 

There are stunning views all around and you’ll pass iconic attractions like the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe, The Shard, London Eye, and Tate Modern all under the omnipresent watch of St Paul’s Cathedral. 

Along the way, you’ll find some popular and famous pubs like our favorites The Anchor and The Founders Arms. Plus, the sunsets from here are beautiful.

18. Straddle the Prime Meridian in Greenwich

Royal Observatory, Greenwich
The Prime Meridian

Head to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, the Place of Time, located about 40 minutes southeast of Central London along the Thames. This is definitely one of the more unique things to do in London.

Here you can learn the fascinating history of how the Royal astronomers experimented and studied the stars to come up with today’s modern version of time.

Its measurement (GMT) all starts at the Prime Meridian. You can check off your bucket list that you have stood with one foot in the West and one foot in the Eastern hemisphere.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Great views of Canary Wharf from Greenwich

Putting the icing on the cake is the view behind the glittering modern skyscrapers forming the Canary Wharf skyline in front of the Thames.

It’s the perfect encapsulation of the modern and ancient worlds that London has evolved through to become this incredible city we love so much.

  • Hours: 10.00am – 5.00pm
  • Address: Royal Observatory, Blackheath Ave, London SE10 8XJ

19. Visit Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square, London
Lord Nelson statue at Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is one of the most famous places in London. Everybody who visits loves to have their photos with the huge lions, which represent the courage of Britain. Kids will love climbing them!

The 52-m high statue of Lord Nelson dominates the square and the National Gallery is the stunning building in the background.

It’s really the center of London and has always been a place for Londoners to gather, whether that is to bring in the New Year together, or protest, rally, or march for important rights and causes.

Trafalgar Square, London
Trafalgar Square is a popular London attraction

One of my favorite things about Trafalgar Square is the pedestrian lights surrounding it. They are LGBTQ traffic lights that include two men and two women holding hands and forming a heart, and various gender symbols including a transgender sign.

  • Hours: 24 hours
  • Address: Trafalgar Sq, London WC2N 5DN

20. Take in the Best View of London from The Shard

A bridge over water with a city in the background
The Shard stands tall on the Thames

Piercing the sky above London is the needle-like structure of the Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe.

It’s quickly becoming a London icon and a popular place to visit, especially for the incredible views from its 72nd floor open-air platform. There is an enclosed viewing platform on level 69 as well.

The Shard View is an expensive thing to do in London, but the 244m high sweeping London views make it worthwhile. I absolutely loved the fantastic perspective of the River Thames snaking through the city east to west.

It was particularly moving for me as I lived in London for two years and never saw it from this angle. I LOVE this city so much!

View from the Shard in London
View of the Thames from the Shard in London

Aim for about an hour before sunset so you can experience the dusk golden light views, sunset panoramic views, and nighttime views when those London lights sparkle.

You must reserve your tickets in advance. (It will also save you money). This attraction is included in the Go City Card. This would be the star event of the pass!

  • Hours: 10.00am – 10.00pm Thursday – Saturday (access until 8:30pm). 10.00am – 7.00pm Sunday – Wednesday (access until 5:30pm)
  • Address: 32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG

Want to experience 5-star luxury with these views? The Shangri La Hotel is located on Level 34 of the Shard. Each room has floor-to-ceiling windows providing spectacular views of the city, and maintains the theme of Oriental elegance found throughout the hotel. Check availability and book your stay here.

21. Explore Regents Canal (cruise or walk)

Camden Town, London

One of the best things to do in London that we haven’t done before was a canal boat cruise from Little Venice to Camden Market in North London. 

Regent’s Canal is a nine-mile ribbon of water that runs from Little Venice to the where it spills into the Thames at Limehouse.

It offers visitors a chance to experience a quieter side of London. What was once a busy cargo transportation route has become leisurely waterways through London offering people a tranquil place to walk, paddle, or boat ride.

Camden Town, London
Exploring the canal by foot

The relaxing and picturesque 40-minute canal ride will take you along Regents Canal, through the 248m Maida Hill tunnel, and past the exclusive neighborhoods of Maida Vale and Primrose Hill, with homes of celebrities, and expansive and landscaped back gardens of grand houses.

We also walked along here from Camden to Regents Park. We have more information in our full guide on a day out in Camden Town.

22. Explore Camden Town and Camden Market

Camden Town, London
Camden Town is popular on a Sunday!

While you’re exploring Regent’s Canal, you must incorporate a stop off in Camden Town. It’s one of our favorite places in London for its eclectic, grungy, alternative style. 

It’s a London neighborhood known for the Camden Markets and its live music scene. Many famous artists from around the world have played here or got their start here, or sadly, died here.

Click the following link for our guide on things to do in Camden Markets which includes the canal boat ride, a Sunday pub roast, Regent’s Park, and some top pubs for live music!

  • Hours: Camden Market is open 10.00am – 6.00pm daily
  • Address: 54-56 Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AF

23. Visit the London Museums + Art Galleries

British Museum, London
British Museum

We’re not big museum people, so we didn’t visit many for this London trip. We travel so much and have visited so many museums that we tend to run the other way now. 

However, on my next visit to London, I will plan to visit more as London has exceptional museums. And, as a bonus, the permanent collections at London’s museums are FREE. If you love museums, I have no doubt they would be one of the best things to do in London.

You can find a museum of any size and suit any interest. We even came across the Vagina Museum in Camden!

tate modern london
The Tate Modern is also a must visit

Most notable are the National Gallery and the British Museum. We did spend an hour in the British Museum and it was fantastic and I do wish it was longer.

For those traveling with kids, you can’t miss the Natural History Museum which features a life-size blue whale skeleton and a huge robot T-Rex. Right next door is the interactive Science Museum, where children can learn about science through play.

Across the road from the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum is the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts – if you like statues, this is a museum to check out.

The Tate Modern was another London gallery attraction we dedicated some time to and thoroughly enjoyed the art on display. It’s well worth adding this to your London itinerary, if not for the views alone!

Some other museums in London that visitors love are the British War Museum, The National Maritime Museum, the Cutty Sark (a retired navy ship), and National Portrait Gallery. As you can see, you could use at least two days to just explore the museums of London!

24. Take a walking tour through London’s history

Walking around Kensington, London
Walking around Kensington

Every street and cobblestone alleyway in London has a fascinating historical story to tell. One of our favorite ways to experience the culture and history of a destination is to take a walking tour. 

What do you want to learn? There’ll be a walking tour for it. 

As we were visiting London with kids on this trip, we did not do the Jack the Ripper walking tour. But that was one of the first things I did when I moved to London. I LOVED it! Yes. It will freak you out. 

What freaked me out even more was I often had to walk past one of his killing alleyways on an evening after my shift at the pub to get home. The chills in my spine doubled the pace of my legs!

25. Walk Across Millennium Bridge

millennium bridge london
The Wobbly Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is one of the coolest, more recent additions to London city. Opened in 2000, it has a warped, futuristic look with magnificent views all around.

I loved the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral growing in front of your eyes with each step. And look behind for views of Tate Modern, and to the right for Tower Bridge views, and views of life on both banks of the river.

people walking on a bridge
Walking across Millennium Bridge to St Paul’s
The river thames views
River Thames and Tower Bridge in the distance

It’s also known as the Wobbly Bridge as when it was first opened an engineering defect caused it to shake and wobble when people walked across it. They had to close it down for two years to fix it.

Be sure to look down. An unknown artist frequently comes by and secretly creates artwork out of the dried-up gum. Gross but cool.

city of london school
Daniel Radcliffe’s School / The gum art

Harry Potter Fans: London Boys School (on the left as you approach the north side) was where Daniel Radcliffe went to school. Remember when the Death Eaters attack London in the scenes from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? They were filmed on the Millennium Bridge.

26. Walk across Tower Bridge (and see it open!)

Tower Bridge, London, England
The iconic Tower Bridge

Another bridge you’ll want to walk across is Tower Bridge, another famous landmark of London. Almost anyone coming to London is already familiar with the elegant beauty of its neo-Gothic turrets and blue suspension cables.

Walk across Tower Bridge for free and get great views overlooking the Thames and back over the Tower of London.

You can head up into the north tower to the (paid) Tower Bridge Exhibition for higher views and to learn more about the architecture, engineering, and history. It is a paid attraction and is included in your London attraction pass.

Tower Bridge, London, England
Walking across tower bridge

Check for times when the Tower Bridge will raise up its bridge arms so boats underneath can pass by. They do have to book it 24 hours in advance so you can plan ahead for this cool experience.

On average, Tower Bridge opens its bascules around 800 times a year, that’s around twice a day. Check opening times here.

Take a river cruise to see it from underneath as well.

27. Take a Thames River Sightseeing Cruise

River Thames Cruise, London
See Big Ben from the River Thames

There is nothing like seeing London from the perspective of its snaking River Thames.

The Lastminute.com London Eye River cruise is a 40-minute circular tour of the Thames on a small open-top ferry with guided commentary. The departure landing dock is right under the London Eye.

I loved the commentary that taught us a lot about the history of the Thames and the role it’s played in London life.

The cruise will take you past Big Bend and the Houses of Parliament before turning around to head east passing under many of London’s bridges spanning the river – each with its own name and story.

River Thames Cruise, London
Close up views of Tower Bridge

You’ll learn many stories about the iconic Landmarks you’ll pass like Big Bend, London Bridge, HMS Belfast, The Shard, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Tower Bridge, which you’ll get to sail under before turning around to cruise back.

You can see more in our Reel of the River Thames cruise. (Follow us over there for more fun travel adventures and tips!)

28. Tour St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral, London, England
St Paul’s Cathedral was spectacular

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world and one of London’s most magnificent buildings.

There is a rule that St Paul’s must be visible from eight separate places throughout London which is why so many of the modern skyscrapers are unusual shapes. They are making room for that line of sight!

Now that you’ve seen that impressive dome from around the city, it’s time to see it from the inside and learn about this architectural masterpiece from Sir Christopher Wren, built after the Great Fire of London between 1675 and 1710.

We visited on a guided tour with Independence by Globus, but standard admission includes an audio guide. Visit the crypt to see memorials of hundreds of well-known and great people, including the bodies of Wellington and Nelson lying directly under the dome.

Sadly, the whispering gallery around the base of the dome was closed when we visited, but this is one of the best things to do in St Paul’s as well as the Stone Gallery and Golden Gallery, both at the top of the dome offering incredible views of London.

Ask the attendants if they can take you to the spiraling Harry Potter staircase. This staircase in St Paul’s was used as the “Divination Stairwell” located in the North Tower of Hogwarts Castle for the Harry Potter films.

  • Hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday and Tuesday, Thursday – Saturday. 10.00am – 4.30pm Wednesday, 8.30am – 6.00pm Sunday
  • Address: St. Paul’s Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD

Top tip: Book your entrance in advance, as the lines can get incredibly long.

29. Get your photo at Platform 9¾ Kings Cross Station

Platform 9 3/4, Kings Cross Station, London
Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station

Even if you don’t follow the Harry Potter filming trail across London, I recommend you plan for getting your photo running the cart into the wall at Platform 9¾  at Kings Cross. 

That is of course if you are a Harry Potter fan, otherwise, it might not float your boat. 

I was the only one in our family who did it and I had a load of fun. The Head Wizard was so cool in showing each person different witchy poses. As this was a once in a lifetime, I was not going to hold back!

We were lucky to only have a 10 minute wait. Lines here can be up to two hours. Get there as early as you can, or later close to finish time. Good luck muggles. 

Just so you know, Kings Cross Station is real. Platform 9¾ is not. They have a designated space at the station (not even on the platforms) for your photos with the cart going into the wall. 

There is a Harry Potter store here as well where you can buy your fan favorites.

Kings Cross Station, London
St Pancreas Station

If you want to see the platforms (where many scenes were filmed) either catch a train somewhere or ask the guards if they can let you on the platform to take a photo. Across the road is St Pancreas which is the background setting for the flying car scene in the second movie.

Kings Cross was my arrival point in London when I first arrived in 1997 as a broke backpacker with an infected foot and not knowing a soul. I was overwhelmed and scared.

I got quite emotional coming back here as it reminded me of my journey from there to here and how much I’ve grown! You can read more about that story here. 

  • Hours: 24 hours
  • Address: Euston Rd, London N1 9AL

30. Visit Leadenhall Markets

Leadenhall Markets, London
Entrance to Leadenhall Markets

If you’re heading east towards Liverpool Street then I recommend you visit the stunning Leadenhall Markets in Central London.

These beautiful covered markets were originally established in 1321 as a market for butchers and fishmongers (However history says it was the center of Roman London as a bazaar area in the 1st Century!)

Much of the ornately decorated interior and cobbled laneways that you see preserved today are from a redesign in 1881.

It’s now a shopping precinct with trendy bars, cute cafes, boutique stores, and a couple of taverns. One of the reasons tourists come here is that it was used as the exterior for Diagon Alley in the first couple of Harry Potter films.

The Lamb Tavern is a great pub here, in operation since 1790.

  • Hours: 24 hours
  • Address: Gracechurch St, London EC3V 1LT

31. Follow the Harry Potter Film Locations Trail

Kings Cross Station, London
Kings Cross Station

There are quite a few locations in London where scenes from the Harry Potter movies were filmed. If you’re a fan, this might be one of your favorite things to do in London. It is certainly one of the best things to do in London with kids.

We didn’t specifically follow a trail or do it all in one day. But we knew where a lot of the locations were and, if it was in the area we were visiting, we made a side step to go and see it. 

One of the best ways to experience Harry Potter locations in London is through a walking tour. I wish we did this just so we could have heard more stories and felt more connected to each location. Doing it ourselves didn’t have quite the same magic and was more just a “well this is it,” snap a photo and then leave. 

House of MinaLima
House of MinaLima store

I’ve mentioned a couple in this post already (and I’ll write a separate post on each one soon)

Some of the major spots are:

  • Kings Cross Station & St Pancreas
  • The Leaky Cauldron at Borough Markets
  • Cecil’s Court and Godwin’s Court, Covent Garden
  • Leadenhall Markets
  • Millennium Bridge

32. Watch a football match

Wembley Stadium, London. Image by DepositPhotos.com
Wembley Stadium. Image by DepositPhotos.com

If you can time it right, I highly recommend incorporating a football match into your London itinerary. 

You can either see a live match at one of the many football stadiums around the city, or simply from within a pub, or outdoor big screen when big matches are on. 

It is an electric experience with much fever and excitement with the English chanting, singing, and celebrating long into the night … if they win. God help London if they don’t!

As I lived in a house with Australians, Kiwis, South Africans, Irish, and Brits, you can imagine the fun we had at the pub nearly every weekend watching cricket, rugby, or football.

Don’t forget London is home to Wimbledon, the iconic tennis stadium. Cricket fans may also want to visit Lords (my dad’s favorite thing to do in London. He even played on it.) Rugby fans at Twickenham, and football fans, Wembley (there are a lot more!)

33. Get your Selfie at Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus, London
Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is like a mini Times Square in New York. Full of neon lights, massive flashing advertising billboards, and people getting selfies. It’s overrated, but many tourists love it so I’m adding it here for you. 

It’s just a road junction with a circular space in the middle with a statue of Eros on it. 

From here you can easily walk to Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Shaftesbury Avenue, the curving Regent Street, and Covent Garden.

34. Shopping on Oxford Street

Oxford Street, London
Oxford Street

Surprisingly high on many visitors’ list of things to do in London is to visit Oxford St, the world’s biggest high street (that’s Main Street for non-UK people).

Maybe it has no allure for me as I walked along it scores of times while living in London to get from A to B.

Oxford Street is one of the busiest streets in London, especially on a weekend, so be prepared for shoulder rubbing. It just gets too intense for me. 

It stretches 1.5 miles from the corner of Hyde Park all the way down to Tottenham Court Road and is filled with stores selling fashion, beauty, tech, and homeware. You’ll find brands and department stores such as Gap, River Island, Primark, Selfridges, House of Fraser, and Marks & Spencer.

There are also more than 500 restaurants along the street and side streets.

35. Take a day trip from London

Bath Abbey, England
Bath is a fantastic day trip from London (or overnight stay)

Need a break from the intensity of London? There are many fantastic UK destinations that are easy day trips from London.

We recommend going by train as it’s easier than a car rental, and depending on where you’re going, cheaper too. You could also do the National Express bus service which is the most affordable way to reach the major cities in the UK.

We caught the train to Bath from London for two nights, and then Oxford for two nights in the middle of our London trip. Both were fantastic.

You can also hire a car from Oxford (way cheaper than hiring in London) and take a trip out to the iconic Cotswolds villages for a chance to see rural England and its quaint medieval villages.

Instead of a day trip, we recommend an overnight stay, so it’s not as rushed.

Other top places to visit in England close to London include Windsor, Stonehenge, Brighton, Cambridge, and the South Downs (where the White Cliffs of Dover are located).

You can find a selection of day trip tours from Get Your Guide here.

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What are some of your favorite things to do in London? Please share in the comments below. This is your chance to let us know some of those more local experiences.

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  1. On the subject of Oyster cards, make sure you touch in AND out of the stations. The touch points at some stations are easy to miss and if you don’t touch out you will be charged the maximum amount possible for your journey even if you only travel in one zone.

    If you like cocktails I would also suggest popping into Freud bar on Shaftesbury avenue or the Arts Theatre Club in Soho (teapot cocktails!). Both bars are small and can get really busy in the evenings but if you get there early enough I highly recommend it.

  2. Afternoon tea at Claridges is also worth a shout although book in advance.

    Cheap accommodation may also be found if you look up the UK versions of Travelodge or Premier Inn. They have a vast selection of properties around London and the UK.

  3. “There’s always something going on and you can come back again and again and see a completely different city every time.”

    Right on! I’ve visited London for the fourth year in a row this year and for the fifth time in total and each year I discover new things. Already have my list for next year!

  4. I’m glad that you have mentioned some budget-friendly options too. I’ve been thinking of visiting this wonderful city for several weeks now, but I still don’t have enough money, since I had the luck to travel to Toronto on a budget two months ago. In Europe it is quite easy to travel cheap, but unfortunately, London doesn’t belong to the cheaper cities. I would appreciate any tips how to get the most out of the city for a small amount of money;)

  5. It’s where I grew up even though I’ve been in exile for years. I still visit 2 or 3 times a year and love it, of course. There are so many hidden secrets too – check out the lidos (open air pools) in the summer and cross the Thames by walking UNDER it using the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. I’d also suggest using a ‘Boris Bike’ to get around – it’s much less daunting than you’d think.

    1. Hi Andy,

      Well, you grew up in a great city. I lived there for 2 years 97-99. Thanks for the extra tips, we’d love to do a summer in London now there’s four of us!

    2. I spent five weeks working in London a few years back and lived right next to the foot tunnel. I loved walking across to Greenwich!

    3. I spent five weeks working in London a few years back and lived next to the foot tunnel. I loved walking under the Thames to Greenwich.

  6. Such a comprehensive guide. It’s very obvious to me now that I need to spend way more time in London. I’ve never managed to get out of the airport as of yet.

  7. Great guide. If you have kids, or are a big kid yourself, try the Science Museum. But give yourself plenty of time – it’s huge! And Camden Lock is a must see.

  8. Great London guide. I don’t agree with you on your choice of neighborhoods though.

    The west side is a little bit to mainstream for my taste. i like the more hip bars and clubs in the eastern pars like Shoreditch and Islington. But we are all differnt i guess 🙂

    great looking site as well

    1. Yes. All different Peter. Thank you so much for mentioning these suburbs as I am sure lots of people would love to check them out. I used to go to a couple of bars in Islington–cool area

  9. Hotel near Big Ben

    I love London–its my favorite destination. I usually use the big sites to find hotels. Recently came across to your blog, very good information and very much helpful for me, the picture are awesome too, thanks a lot for sharing this post. Glad 🙂

  10. I love London. It is my favourite destination. I have been to London many times, but still want to go there again and again.

  11. My favourite place to eat is definitely Brixton Village. Its hidden in a series of old alley ways that look pretty run down, but inside there are tonnes of lovely little eateries with delicious food for under £10. My favourites are Honest Burger, Wish Bone and The Joint. Most places allow you to bring your own wine, although be sure to take cash as a lot of places don’t have card facilities. Also, I recommend catching show at the Royal Opera House if possible, they do seats from £5 (restricted view) but its worth that just to see the amazing building!

  12. A good post for the guidance, I always love to see this city. Its market places, Borough Market for food, drink and Portobello Road Market for antiques and fashion are my favorite’s places, whenever I go, visits these markets for updated things.

  13. Nice list 🙂 We’ve been in London for over 6 years now and can vouch for all these places. London never ceases to surprise us with all it has to offer !

    Brick Lane and Dalston are our favourite neighbourhoods to check. Lots of culture, amazing food, and great street art on offer ! In terms of markets, we’d add Greenwich market to the list too 🙂


  14. What a great list! I love the fact that you added some things that are free too because people generally find London very expensive when it doesn’t have to be! Even though I’ve lived here for 5 years I still look for free or cheap things to do, and this page I found has really helped with some suggestions http://www.citymarque.com/london/free-things-to-do-in-london/ .

    The museums are always a good bet, as they suit all ages and we are fortunate enough to have some of the best in the world here in London!

  15. Thanks for sharing. I have wanted to go to London for the longest time. There is so much to see there. Plus you can travel to neighboring countries, such as Wales and Scotland. If it is planned out properly, you can go on a not too expensive budget. And I want to see all the museums.

  16. Primrose Hill is a lovely park too with great views of London and a really pretty high street that has lots of cool little shops, restaurants and cafés (and lots of famous residents!) 🙂

  17. Awesome…Its very good information. London is the kind of place where no tourist can ever be disappointed. Also I want adding some point in this list like

    Barbecoa – This steakhouse not only provides gorgeous food but also stunning views of St Paul’s and is known for quality meat, fish and seafood.

    Gordan Ramsay’s The Savoy Grill – this French and British menu now serves up some of the highest quality food in town.

  18. A really nice and extensive guide to London. This city always surprises me with hidden less-travelled places to visit. During my previous trip, I bumped into the Southwark Cathedral a hidden gem, definitely worth a visit, plus a walking distance to the Borough Market and London Bridge.

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  20. You have covered quite a lot about things to do in London. Very impressive and comprehensive article. Nice read 🙂 High time to travel to London, at this time of the year. Merry Christmas to all in Advance!

  21. Excellent Blog!!! Interesting information about things to in London. I’m glad I stumbled on it while browsing the web.Thanks for sharing valuable stuff taken your time. Really appreciative wok.

  22. I am bringing my family to London from the US for my Mom’s 70th birthday. We have 4 days in Lindon then need to get to South Hampton to catch a cruise ship for Ireland and Scotland. Are there any inexpensive ways to get 5 people with luggage from London to South Hampyon on a Wednesday morning in June? Any help on this would be appreciated! Thank you!

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  24. Thanks for all the great tips, One thing I would suggest if you’re not using public transport would be to pre book a taxi as Black cabs can be up to 50% more expensive. Also its quite handy for going to and from airports with luggage.

  25. This post is so attractive. London was totaly the best place to visit for me. Last year i had a trip to London,using this blog as a “guide”, and still i couldn’t see all the attractions. So i used Vivaster which made it much easier

  26. Great tips! I found a great vlog on youtube that shows london in a nutshell.. Very fun and entertaining video. irnl.it/175 Keep up the good work!

  27. Great tips! I would also add that it’s probably best not to rely on free wifi and instead get a pay-as-you-go sim from 3 and you can pay £25 for unlimited data for a month – perfect for all the Citymapper and Google Maps usage you’d want 🙂


  28. I’ve lived in London for 4 years now and I haven’t even been to some of these places! I just wrote a piece on some places that I think are pretty underrated in London, let me know what you think!

  29. Hey Caz and Craig,

    AWESOME List! Already shared it on my pinterest! I like it that you mention as well the weather in london. I agree, the weather is unpredictable. I went there in November which gave me the original London-feeling. Every day it rained a tiny bit. It was fun either way, I somehow expected it anyway.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed some entertainment around, as long as it’s not a heavy rain, it’s okay, I guess.
    I will keep reading now, let’s see if I find more pinterest-able posts, no doubt actually! THANKS!!!!! Matt

  30. Hi Caz, hey Craig,

    what an awesome post. Although it’s from 2012, it seems to be pretty accurate still.

    I was wondering if you found any more cafés with WiFi? Just a thought.

    As for hostels, I would add Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage, it is an old victorian building, great area and vibes. Very family-friendly as well, so you would enjoy it as well.
    I recently wrote a post as well about things and activities in london. It’s really packed with EVERYTHING, this list could be endless 😀
    However, it’s a brand new article, so I thought it could be interesting https://hostelgeeks.com/27-fun-things-to-do-london/

    BTW I found this piece via pinterest, but I knew your blog long before. Always inspiring!!!

    Safe travels, Matt

  31. Great guide, I love the parks in london. And also the area around paddington, its a very good place to stay.
    I can recommend a good place to eat, “The Diner” very you can get a good burger.

  32. My advice for finding wifi in any major city is simple, just find a fast food burger restaurant , get into a McDonald or burger king 100% of the times you find free wifi, and it’s anywhere!

  33. Claire Latchford

    Since this was done there have been changes to the tube system, it now runs 24hr on Friday and Saturday night on most lines. Buses no longer take cash but Contactless Bank cards are accepted as an alternative to the oyster card and work in the same way. Also if you use more than one bus in an hour you will only be charged for one journey.

  34. I was in london last month for a business trip. Ever since i came back i can’t stop thinking about taking a vaction and explore london and the neighbouring places. Planning to visit again soon.

  35. Adegboyega ADEBAYO

    I want to know how far Barbados is from UK and the possibility of visiting the place during my trip to UK soon

  36. I have visited London 8 month ago, and I am planning to visit this great town again in the near future. I have cheerful memories, I like the winter there and it was very interesting to walk on roads paths. Last time I did not cover up most of the historical and beautiful places, your recommendation and advice will be very welcomed in directing me to your favorite places, as I like cinema, beach football and archaeological sites.

  37. Love it! I spent a sleepless weekend in London back in 2010 when I first visited it. I’d love to go back and do everything that you have mentioned in your post.
    Website- Travelouts.com

  38. Love this article! You are sharing the great info. I am so excited to try these things. Thanks a lot for sharing the great article.

  39. Hello Craig. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I definitely agree there is tons to do in London and I am a traveler as well and I go to London often. I enjoy how much there is to do in the city. I feel every time I go back to London I have new experiences because there is always something more to do and honestly I give myself a huge list and when I finish doing something in London that I have never done I cross it off my list and move on to the next task on my list for London. The transportation is excellent and yes, Starbucks, for example has free wifi and it’s nice. I also love their markets, such as Borough Market, which offers great food!

    1. Hi John, glad you found our post on things to do in London useful. And yes, there are endless new things to discover, such a big and sprawling city. Yep, the Tube is great for getting around, and whilst we prefer independent coffee shops to Starbucks, it is useful for wifi and toilets etc

  40. Victoria Philpott

    There’s SO much to do in London it can be totally overwhelming. I love how all the London activities list are so different from the different points of view. Can’t wait to get back there!

  41. What an awesome bucket list for London! I’ve tried a bunch of these suggestions, and they truly made my trips unforgettable. Exploring the city’s gems like a local adds a whole new layer to the experience. One thing I’d recommend for a comfy and budget-friendly stay is Presidential Serviced Apartments London. My recent stay there was fantastic – affordable, centrally located, and the staff were super helpful. Definitely consider it for your next London adventure!

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